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Certificate #: 725XJXT
Issued Date: 04/29/2013
This certifies that
Sample Borrower
has successfully completed MGIC's
Homebuyer Education Program
Participant receiving this certificate has demonstrated a satisfactory knowledge
of the homebuying process, including:
Credit awareness
Budget management
The mortgage loan process
Maintaining homeownership
This certification fulfills homebuyer education requirements designated under special programs
offered by various mortgage lenders and investors. This certificate fulfills homebuyer education
requirements for programs being offered by:
Sample Lender
Present this certificate at loan application
If I fail to make any mortgage payment as agreed, I understand that the servicer of my mortgage loan may refer me to a third-
party counseling organization that will advise me about finding ways to meet my mortgage obligation. I hereby authorize the
servicer to release information related to the servicer's own experience with me to such third-party counseling organization and
request that the counseling party contact me.
I further hereby authorize the third-party counseling organization to make a recommendation about appropriate action to take
with regard to my mortgage loan, which recommendation may assist the servicer in determining whether to restructure my loan
or to offer other extraordinary services that could preserve my long-term homeownership.
(Participant Signature)

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