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Letters of Condolence
Although Mike had only worked with us during 2007, he fitted in with us like a glove fits a hand - so
much so that it is as if he had been a member of our team always. And how do you achieve that fit -
well, it's a culture thing; you share the same values - professionalism, honesty, integrity,
commitment, enthusiasm and passion - to name just a few. Mike had all of these qualities in
abundance - but above all, he was a really nice guy! We loved working with Mike as much as, I know,
he loved working with us.
From all perspectives of life at Computershare, not having Mike around anymore leaves a gaping hole
in our business and, as importantly, in our lives. I can only imagine, then, the emptiness he leaves in
the lives of Lorna, Megan, Nicholas and Annie-Rose - and his mom and dad and sisters and brother.
We have been inundated with messages from our clients and our shareholders - just another
testament to the qualty of Mike.
Dear Stan and Colleagues,
It was with horror that we learned about Mike's tragic death. We can only imagine the devastation
you and your staff have experienced on receiving the terrible news.
We know that Mike will be sorely missed, not only for his knowledge and abilities, but also for the
kind of person he was and the way in which he encouraged his staff and colleagues. I have worked
closely with him on some corporate action and related issues recently, and can also testify to his
sincerity, abilities, knowledge and professionalism.
On behalf of Sanlam's management and staff I wish to convey our sincere condolences to Mike's
family, you and the Computershare staff.
Eddie, management and colleagues
Eddie (AWH) Louw
Head > Sanlam Shareholder Services
Dear Stan
On behalf of the NEF Board, executives and staff, I wish to express our great sadness and shock on
hearing of Mike Thomson’s passing. Although I did not have the opportunity to engage with Mike
directly on an extensive basis, during the short time I spent with him, I was most impressed with his
commitment and enthusiasm to delivering the best possible service on Asonge. I know from my
colleagues who did work with Mike closely, that they held him in high regard and very much enjoyed
working with him.
We send our sincere condolences to Mike’s family and all of his colleagues at Computershare.
Kind regards
Philisiwe Buthelezi, Chief Executive Officer
National Empowerment Fund

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