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Promotions Committee / Festival of Arts
Meeting Agenda
Thursday, March 19, 2015
11:00 AM 12:30 PM
North Park Main Street Office
3076 University Avenue
(619) 294-2501
1. Call to Order
2. Introductions
3. Business Mixer Recap Angela Landsberg
4. Explore North Park Angela Landsberg
A. Banner Program
i. Overview and Timeline
B. Explore North Park Magazine
i. Aditorials still available for purchase
5. Homebrewers Conference Update Angela Landsberg
6. 2015 Festival of Arts May 16, 2015
A. Marketing and Promotions
i. Featured Artist Poster Contest Results Anna Gamboa
1. Number of submissions and votes cast
ii. Social Media Stats
iii. Printed Program Information Deadline Dates
1. Stage Lineups
2. Kids Activities
3. Artist Bios
4. Craft Mafia Class Schedule
iv. Website Sara Morrison
B. Vendors Dani Jimenez
C. Volunteers Alli Urguby
D. Craft Beer Block Chad White
i. Participating Breweries
E. Beer Garden The Reader
F. Kids Art Block Brian Beevers
G. Live Art Expo Jason Gould
H. Craft Mafia Classes Svea Komori
I. Stages and Festival Areas Music Committee
i. Update on booking progress
ii. Music Stages
iii. Dance Stage
iv. Sound Contractor Update Spectrum Audio
7. Adjournment
Next meetings:
Friday, April 3, 11am - Production Meeting (Stages, Sound and equipment)
Thursday, April 16, 11AM Committee Meeting (everyone)
Thursday, May 7, 11AM Committee Meeting (everyone)
Thursday, May 15, 11AM - Final Meeting (everyone)
Note: Your participation is important. If you are unable to attend, please update the Main Street office
prior to the meeting to keep the Festival Committee informed on progress for your assigned area/task.

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