HTML Preview Notice Of Claim Letter page number 1.

HMRC or Border Force address Your details: Name
Daytime phone number
Seizure reference number:
Place and date of seizure:
Things to be included in your claim (use continuation sheet as necessary)
Owner: Thing: Quantity: (for example,
show kilos of rolling
tobacco, number of
cigarettes, litres of alcohol
and brand names)
I*/We*, the undersigned, wish to challenge the legality of
HM Revenue and Customs’*/Border Force’s* seizure of the thing(s)
listed above*/and on the attached sheet*.
I*/We* understand that my*/our* Notice of Claim will trigger HMRC or
Border Force to start court proceedings to decide if the seizure was lawful.
*Delete as appropriate.
Signed: Signed: Signed:
Print name: Print name: Print name:
Address: Address: Address:
Remember to:
make sure each person challenging the seizure provides their full name
and address
include proof of ownership (particularly important for vehicles) and any
documents that support your claim
use continuation sheets where necessary to include all relevant information
Notice of Claim example letter
Notice 12A, ‘What you can do if things are seized by HM Revenue and Customs
or Border Force’

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