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Grocery Inventory
Section 16-4-115(1), MCA states a retail license to sell beer or table wine in the original package for off-premises
consumption may be issued only to a qualied applicant whose premises proposed for licensing operates as a bona de
grocery store; a drug store licensed as a pharmacy; or a stand-alone beer, wine, or beer and wine business.
If you are applying a Stand-Alone type license, you are not required to complete this form.
ARM 42.12.126(2) states that a retail inventory of $3,000 will serve as a basis for determining whether an establishment
qualies as a “bona de grocery store.” An establishment must maintain retail inventory of at least $3,000 at all times.
The retail inventory must include at least three different types of items in each of the following food groups: meats,
vegetables, fruits, bakery items, dairy products and household supplies.
Provide the Total Retail Inventory dollar amount, do not include the beer and wine inventory amounts.
For each of the following food group categories, list three types of items included in your retail
Bakery Items
Dairy Products
Enter the total dollar amount of the retail inventory proposed above. If your business is already established, write the total
dollar amount of the retail inventory you had last month, not including beer and wine. $ ___________________
Please provide the total retail amount of the proposed inventory for the previous month.
I certify this inventory to be correct.
Business Name/County
LCD 22
Rev 11 14
Clear Form

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