Checklist to subscribe for HSK Test Exam
The conditions of participation can be found on the
English language website of the Chinese
HSK Test Centers (Hanban)
The registration on the Hanban website takes place
via 注册 (New User) in the upper taskbar or 报名
报名 (Registration) and selection of the check type
You can select the language at the top right. Or
check via translated version of the website.
The invoice data will be sent to you by e-mail at the
end of the registration deadline, often separately
from the service charge of the education center
you are working with.
Model questions written examination
HSK 1: PDF & Audio
HSK 2: PDF & Audio
HSK 3: PDF & Audio
HSK 4: PDF & Audio
HSK 5: PDF & Audio
HSK 6: PDF & Audio
Model questions written examination
Elementary HSK: PDF & Audio
Middle HSK: PDF & Audio
Upper HSK: PDF & Audio
Place of examination: location and room depend on the
country. Please bring along: pencil, eraser,
ID, copy of the transfer document, registration form.
The examination results can be obtained with the
admission ticket number one month after the
examination date on the Hanban-Website .
Often followed up with an original HSK certificate send
by post to the Confucius Institute and then passed on to
the participants. Since this is an international shipment,
we ask for your understanding in case of delays.
1. Receiving confirmation
2. Registration on the Hanban-
3. Timely online registration
(including uploading the passport)
4. Transfer of the examination fee
5. Preparation for the exam
6. HSK Test Exam
8. Certificate mailed via mail
7. Test results can be checked online

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