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Business Plan Template
Cover Sheet
The cover sheet should include the name of the business and the owner’s name.
Introduction/Executive Summary
Provide a brief introduction of what you plan to do with your business. State the general nature of the
business. This section of the business plan is generally written LAST but included up front in your
business plan.
Brief Summary of Plan Why have you developed this plan?
Major Objectives What do you plan to do?
Description of Products Tell us (briefly) about your products.
Marketing Strategy (briefly) This will depend a great deal on the competitive environment
and typical activities of the industry you are entering.
Financial Projections very brief discussion of financial needs and expected sales and
History of the Business
Background of the principals, and/or company origins Provide experience and education that
has prepared principals for operation of this business project. How did this company begin, if it
is an existing business and how did the idea of the company develop if it is a new business.
Background of the products tell us about your product.
Capitalization or Source of Funds Tell how much money you are putting or have put into the
project, how much you anticipate borrowing, and how the money will be used (i.e. $X for
equipment and $X for renovations and $X for software licenses, etc.).
Brief Outline of Company Successes or Experiences, if any
Ownership and Management Structure
Owners and their experience What has prepared you to run this business? This should discuss
your education and work experience. When talking about your experience, you should talk
about positions held, companies you have worked for and the duties you performed. It is a
good idea to reference your resume and include your resume as an attachment or addendum to
the business plan.

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