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Safety Committee MINUTES
Department of Geology, University of Toronto
Opened: 3
June, 2014 @ 10.30 am, Rio Algom Room.
Present: (6): C.J. Bray (Co-Chair - USW), M.P. Gorton (Co-chair Management), M.
Hamilton (Management), S. Kamo, B. Foursenko.
Regrets: April Dalton.
Last meeting: Jan. 29th, 2014.
Previous Business
Item 4. Fire Inspection report. Comments from the Fire Prevention Officer passed on to
Lab supervisors and all acknowledged receipt. We have not checked whether these matters
were rectified.
Item 5. Freight Elevator Door Safety. CJB contacted Fire Prevention and they agreed the
safety circuit could be reinstated but nothing has happened yet. MG to follow up.
Item 8. Safety training for summer students has been an ongoing concern. On-line course
now available.
New Business
1. Dept. of Environmental Health and Safety inspection.
On May 16, 2014, Christine Weidner (Faculty A & S Environmental Health and Safety)
and Matthew White (Environmental Compliance and Safety Technologist, EHS) undertook
a routine annual inspection of some labs in our building. These seem to be restricted to
B160 (James Brenan), John Westgate’s lab and Geochron although possibly others were
Each Lab supervisor received an inspection report checking compliance of 74 points. CJB
has only seen one report, from James Brenan. 21 of the 74 points were considered not
applicable, and non-compliance was found on 15 of the remaining 53 points. Each lab
supervisor is responsible for attending to the non-compliance items.
We can expect EHS to continue their inspection of the rest of the building in the near future
and the committee thought it judicious to forward an example of one of these reports to
every lab supervisor so they could reduce non-compliance of as many points as possible.
CJB to contact James Brenan to see if we can use his report as an example.

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