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Quarterly/As Needed
Faucets and shower heads
Check interior and exterior faucets for leaks. Clean aerators. Replace washers if necessary.
Clean with baking soda & vinegar. Pour water down unused drains.
Inspect visible pipes for leaks.
Kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Check under and around for leaks.
Check for stability and leaks.
Water heater
Check area around water heater for leaks. Flush water heater to remove accumulated sediment
according to owners manual.
Sump Pump & Ejection Pit
Check monthly or as needed.
Wood cabinets and trim
Apply a wood protectant.
Interior doors
Lubricate hinges.
Garage door
Lubricate hardware. Inspect mechanism for free travel. Perform monthly testing.
Window and door tracks
Check to see if weep holes are open. Clean out dirt and dust. Lubricate rollers and latches.
Basement or crawl space
Check for cracks or any sign of dampness or leaks. Check for any evidence of termites or wood-
eating insects.
Ceramic tile
Check and clean grout. Check for loose tiles.
Electrical and appliances
Heating and cooling systems
Clean and replace filters as necessary.
Kitchen exhaust fan
Remove and clean the filter. Clean accumulated grease deposits from the exhaust fan.
Clean dust from top. Clean refrigerator drain pan. Clean and defrost freezer if necessary.
Check for leaks.
Outlets & Light Switches
Check for wear, loose or damage. Replace if necessary.
Smoke detector & CO detector
Test for proper operation and replace batteries and detectors and/or if necessary.
GFCI outlets
Test for proper operation.
Inspect visible areas for cracks, heaving, displacement. Seal with proper material
Check for proper drainage. Keep vegeatation down off of siding and 12" away from siding.
Concrete and asphalt
Check for cracks or deterioration. Reseal or repair if necessary. Clean oil and grease.
Home Maintenance Schedule
presented by Crossroads Home Inspections
Date last completed
All repairs and scheduled services should be performed by a
qualified contractor that specializes in that field. When servicing or
maintaining appliances all owner manuals should be reviewed prior
to work.

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