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What is the activity/event?
Who will attend/participate?
How many people will attend?
What are your goals?
If this event is a fundraiser, discuss with the Office of Student Activities and Engagement.
What is the venue?
If the venue is outside on campus, complete the Outdoor Program Request
Is the venue available on the day/time you want?
What will the venue cost?
Is this venue a good fit for your type of event?
Does the venue have the equipment, space, and set up you need?
How many volunteers and/or staff do you need?
How will you recruit volunteers?
What specific tasks and deadlines do you have for volunteers?
Who will supervise and keep people accountable?
Do you need professional support like security, medical personnel, catering, ID
checkers, bar tenders, janitors, transportation, A/V or production, etc.?
Will you have food?
Is your event open to the public?
Will there be more than 40 people?
Contact University Food Service (Catering)
Will you have alcohol?
Complete the alcohol request form
Did you talk to your advisor?
Do you have security?
Contact university Food Service (Catering)

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