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Cover letter: International student
April 2015
Recruiting Manager
Royal Pearl
The Granary
47 Oltmer Walk
Job reference: Graduate account manager vacancy
Dear Recruiting Manager,
I write with reference to the graduate account manager position at Royal Pearl, as
advertised in September’s edition of Graduate Recruit. I enclose my CV for your information.
The advert for this post mentions the pre-requisite for a degree in a marketing-related
subject. I am currently studying for a BA in Marketing at the University of Birmingham and
will be graduating in July.
You will note from my CV that I also have relevant work experience in this area, having
undertaken an internship as an account manager at Qui Cosmetics, Shanghai, in 2013. Qui
Cosmetics is also a high-end, world-recognised, luxury brand akin to Royal Pearl. In this role,
I learned more about developing customer accounts through maximising client relationships
and exceeding expectations. It was an experience that complemented my theoretical
knowledge in this area.
During my studies I have also taken part in a range of extracurricular activities that have
developed my skills and confidence. As an international student ambassador I have enjoyed
meeting new people, building relationships and supporting students who are new to the
university. These will be important transferable skills to the account manager role as I begin
to develop client relationships and build trust in the brand.
I work well in multinational environments and speak three languages fluently. This will be of
immense benefit to the company’s agenda of developing its international clientele. I believe
that I have a lot to offer Royal Pearl and hope I have sufficiently conveyed my potential for
the role. Given that I do not have the right to work in the UK without company sponsorship,
I hope Royal Pearl will consider my application and sponsor me, in light of the unique skills
and experience that I can offer.
I look forward to hearing from you, if indeed this is a possibility.
Yours faithfully,

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