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Standard Email Signature Block
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Our email signatures are an important part of how we communicate. Not only do they fulfil a legal function
but they also provide an opportunity to reinforce our key messages to customers.
The e-mail signature is a customary aspect of e-mail communications that consists of text added at the
bottom of outgoing e-mail messages. Users can create custom signatures for different purposes. For
example, a full signature block may be used when composing new messages while a more simplified
signature block may be used for replies or informal messages.
The e-mail signature should not be confused with the Confidentiality Notice - also known as Tagline - which
is managed centrally by the IT department and stamped automatically by the e-mail server when sending
messages to external recipients. The Confidentiality Notice should not be included within the signature block
described in this document.
IMPORTANT: e-mail signatures should not include graphics or logos of any kind.
When configuring your signature block please refer to the example shown on this page, or to the Intertek
Corporate Identity guide as your guide for content. The rules for email signatures are the same for multiple
business line (or division) business cards (2.2.10) e.g. Intertek Agri Services, Intertek Commodities.
Standard full signature
Components of the Signature:
Sender’s name
Arial 10 Bold
John Doe
(separation line)
Sender’s job title
Arial 10 Regular
Operations Manager
Business line (or Divisional name) 1
Arial 10 Regular
Business Assurance
Business line (or Divisional name) 2 (if applicable)
Arial 10 Regular
Intertek Industry & Assurance
Sender’s local number (direct or office)
Arial 10 Regular
+1 (713) 407-3956 (office)
(separation line)
Intertek (omit when Intertek name appears with sector above)
Arial 8 Regular
Sender’s local address line 1
Arial 8 Regular
2 Riverway, Suite 500
Sender’s local address line 2
Arial 8 Regular
Houston, TX 77056 USA
Sender’s local fax (optional)
Arial 8 Regular
+1 (866) 541-4586 (fax)
Sender’s mobile number (optional)
Arial 8 Regular
+1 (713) 555-3500 (mobile)
Sender’s Skype name (optional)
Arial 8 Regular
john.doe.intertek (Skype)
Signature for replies and forwards
A separate shorter signature can be used for replies and forwards, this is set up in the same way as the full
signature, but saved as a different name of your choice. The content of the signature should identify who you
are and preferably have some form of contact information. The information fields that you chose should
follow the same formatting rules as for your full signature.
John Doe
Operations Manager
+1 (713) 555-3500 (mobile)

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