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Questions To Ask The Mommy-To-Be
Hosting: Will you be the sole host of the baby shower or is there someone else that the mommy-to-be
would like to involve?
Date: Does the mommy-to-be want to have the baby shower before or after the baby is born. It's
important that you ask the mommy-to-be this question because some women have a strong preference
in when the shower is held.
Guests: You don't need to plan out the entire guest list now but you should check her preferences on a
girls-only shower or a co-ed shower. If there will be males at the baby shower, there may be a few
elements that you'll plan differently.
Theme: Does the mommy-to-be have a theme for the baby's room? If so, you may want to have a similar
theme to the baby shower.
Gender: Does the mommy-to-be know the gender of the baby? If so, you'll want to incorporate this into
the party (as long as she's made the gender announcement to family & friends already).
Register: Will the mommy-to-be set up a gift registry? This doesn't necessarily have to go on the party
invites but the information could be shared by word of mouth.
A Few Months Before
Decide on a Theme. Work in the nursery theme or baby’s gender if you can.
Guest Count. Ask the mommy-to-be (and her mother) for an estimate on the guest count for the party.
This is important to know before choosing a location and ordering supplies.
Choose a Date. Check with the mommy-to-be to hear her preference. She may want to have the baby
shower a couple of months before the baby is due so that she has time to sort and organize after the
Choose a Time. If there will be toddlers invited to the party, keep in mind that most youngsters take their
naps in the early afternoon.
Set Your Budget: It is important to set the budget early on because you're bound to find many cute
accents to the party that you're going to want to purchase. It's important to set your budget and track
your spending to make sure you are staying on track.
Secure a Location. Do you plan on hosting the baby shower in your home? You'll need to know a rough
guest count estimate to make a proper decision for the party location.
Put a Deposit on Rentals. If you need to rent tables or chairs for the event, you'll want to start pricing
these out now and putting a deposit down on the rental. Will these be delivered? If not, think about who
will be responsible for picking these up and returning them.
Order Personalized Items. Do you plan on ordering personalized invitations, decorations (banners),
games or favors for the baby shower? If so, you'll want to start placing your orders now so that even if
they do encounter a shipping delay, they'll make it to the party on time. Something to keep in mind when
printing invitations is that some people may not know the mommy-to-be's new married name when it
appears on the invite in their mailbox. If the mommy-to-be is recently married, be sure to include her
maiden name in brackets behind her current last name.

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