HTML Preview Performance Appraisal Letter From Company Hr page number 1.

Sub: Performance Appraisal Letter
Dear First Name,
We are hereby glad to inform you about your revised remuneration.
Your annual CTC has been revised to Rs. XXXXX/- (Rupees in words) i.e. Rs. XXXXX per month. Your new
designation is (If Applicable) ------------------- at grade -------.
A detailed break up of your remuneration is attached. Revision is effective from date 07.
Post the upcoming annual increment (date 2007) you will be eligible for the next increment in the month of date
** Kindly note that the above mentioned CTC and monthly salary includes Rs. XXX/- as bonus which will be paid in
the month of month **
Terms and Conditions:
Appraisal Amount:
The revised compensation package has been customized for you taking into consideration your performance,
company policies and related factors.
Matter of your compensation is confidential information of the company. Any discussion or disclosure of your
compensation with anybody other than your departmental head or HR will be considered as breach of agreement by
Your compensation package is unique to you and not for comparison with other employees of the company.
All the other terms and conditions remain unchanged.
**Please note that above structure is subject to change in lieu to change in company policy and income tax rules. All
benefits are as per company policy, which are subject to change from time to time**
Wish you all the success!!

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