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Science Fair Project Evaluation Checklist Middle School
Student(s) Name(s) _____________________________________
Display Board/Poster Excellent Present Missing
Title neatly displayed 2 1 0
Name and grade in bottom right corner 2 1 0
Pictures, graphs, data tables, etc.
Are they easy to read and understand 2 1 0
Evident that scientific method was used 2 1 0
Experiment Using Scientific Method
Does Project ask a question or state a purpose? 2 1 0
Does Hypothesis predict an outcome? 2 1 0
Is Experiment planned and used to test hypothesis? 2 1 0
Was Research conducted about topic? 2 1 0
Are Sources listed for research that was completed 2 1 0
Was Data collected to support hypothesis? 2 1 0
Is Data measurable and are observations listed? 2 1 0
Does Conclusion interpret data and compare
results to your hypothesis 2 1 0
Project Presentation
Presentation reflects knowledge of project 2 1 0
Projects voice and uses eye contact 2 1 0
Answers questions confidently 2 1 0
Total Points Earned ____________
Questions that should be used during or following presentation (ask at least 2)
What was your purpose in completing this project?
How was your experiment conducted?
What were the unexpected results that you found from your project?
If your data doesn’t support your hypothesis, what would you change in your experiment to test your
stated hypothesis?
What was the manipulated variable in your experiment?
What was the responding variable in your experiment?
What did you learn from the completion of your project?
How could the conclusions from your project be used in real life?

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