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Policy Title:
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Vacation and Accrual
Human Resources
Effective Date:
Policy Owner:
Sr. VP for Administration
and Finance
Policy applicable for:
Classified and
Unclassified Employees
Prior Effective Date:
Responsible Office(s):
Human Resources
University of Cincinnati
21-19 Vacation and Accrual Schedule page 1 of 4
This policy applies to employees who are not covered by a collective bargaining
agreement or for whom the agreement contains no provision regarding this subject.
1. An employee shall accrue vacation time in accordance with the tables contained in
this policy.
2. An employee may carry over vacation credit from year to year up to the maximum
amount reflected in the table below. An employee cannot be paid for or accrue
vacation in excess of the maximum vacation accrual rate.
3. Vacation time continues to accrue during paid vacation and paid sick leave. Vacation
does not accrue during a leave of absence without pay.
4. A vacation request must be requested from administrative authority at least 30 days
in advance of the first date of vacation time.
5. The needs of the university shall be the basic consideration for scheduling vacation
6. Vacation must be approved by the administrative authority prior to the employee
taking the time off work.
7. Once a vacation leave has started, illness or incapacitation that happens during
vacation may not be transferred to sick leave (time), unless the employee is
hospitalized. A certification of health care provider form must be provided to support
the leave transfer.
8. Vacation time may be used once an employee has exhausted sick leave (time)
9. Vacation balances must be exhausted before beginning a Personal or Educational
leave of absence without pay.
10. An employee who transfers within the university shall transfer the accrued vacation

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