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Summer Abroad Packing List
What to bring
o 1 semi-dressy outfit
o 1 or 2 business casual outfits
o casual clothes (polo’s, khaki pants, jeans)
o night clothes
o travel bag/fanny pack
o swim suits
o beach towel
o comfortable walking shoes, flip flops for showers
Hygiene Products
o toothbrush, toothpaste
o comb/brush, hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc.)
o deodorant, cologne/perfume
o makeup
o feminine products
o shaving kit
o contact lens case & solution, glasses
o prescription medicines
o over-the-counter medicines, such as: Tylenol/Ibuprofen, pill form of Pepto-Bismol,
Anti-diarrhea medicine, Dramamine
o general first aid kit
o eye drops, nose spray
o contraceptives
o re-sealable plastic bags
o clothes pins
o sunscreen
o travel toilet paper or tissue
o liquid hand sanitizer
o hair ties
o phone and camera chargers
o converter/adapters for electrical appliances
o alarm clock
o travel umbrella
o travel hairdryer (some come with voltage settings)
o phone cards
o notebooks, folders, pens (paper can be expensive in some countries)
Handy Traveler’s Tips
Check the Weather Channel’s 10 day forecast before you leave so you can bring
appropriate clothing.
Remember when you pack for a study abroad trip that you are going to stand out
because you are a foreigner, so don’t make it worse by wearing something

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