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Curriculum Vitae
Jeongah Kim, Ph. D.
George Fox University
School of Social Work
1996-2003 Ph. D. in Social Work, Ohio State University
Structural Equation Modeling An
of the Effect of Religion on
Adolescent Delinquency within an Elaborated Theoretical Model: The Relationship after
Peer, School, and Neighborhood
1995-1996 M.A. in Public Administration, Eastern Washington University
1989-1993 B.A. in Social Work, Seoul Theological University (South Korea)
Graduated with honors (Ranked third in the class of 1993/equivalent to Summa cum
Professional Experience
2014-Present Associate Professor, George Fox University School of Social Work, Newberg, OR.
Social Work 290 Diversity Issues in Social Work Practice (Undergraduate course)
Social Work 331 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (Undergraduate course)
Social Work 332 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (Undergraduate course)
Social Work 460 Social Welfare Policies (Undergraduate course)
Social Work 475 Field Practicum I (Undergraduate course)
2012-2014 Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of
Social Work, Birmingham, AL.
Social Work 100 (Introduction to Social Work) (Online)
Social Work 203 (Social Welfare History) (Online)
Social Work 314 (HBSE II) (In-Class/Undergraduate course)
2011-2012 Summer Adjunct Professor, Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton,
Social Work 380 (Social Work Research Methods I) (Graduate course)
Social Work 381 (Social Work Research Methods II) (Graduate course)
2004-2012 Assistant Professor, Alabama A&M University Graduate Social Work Program,
Normal, AL.
Social Work 510 (Social welfare policy and services I) (Graduate course)
Social Work 511 (Social welfare policy and services II) (Graduate course)
Social Work 522 (Race, ethnicity, gender, & diversity) (Graduate course)
Social Work 530 (Applied Social Work Research Method) (Graduate course)
Social Work 630 (Need assessments and program evaluation) (Graduate course)
Social Work 647 (Social Work and Spirituality/Religiosity) (Graduate course)

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