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Lease Deed For Agricultural Land
THIS DEED OF LEASE made on this ____________________ day of ________
20 __ at ______________between
._____________________________ residing
___________________ hereinafter referred to as the Lessor (which term shall mean
and include wherever the context so requires or admits his/their heirs, successors,
administrators, executors, attorneys and assigns)of the One part
and____________________________________ hereinafter referred to as the
Lessees (which term shall mean and include wherever the context as admits or
requires its successors, administrators and assigns) of the Other Part .
Whereas the said Lessor is the owner and in possession of agriculture land
measuring____Acre______Kanal_______marla_________Share out of Hadbast
No._______Khewat No._______Khatoni No. ___Khasra No.___________Mustil
_____________________________________________situated at
Village/City______________Tehsil__________District___________by way of mutation
No. ______________Jamabandi__________Year or sale Deed No._____ dated
_______________ registered in the office of the Sub-Registrar_________________
(hereinafter called the property).
It is hereby agreed declared covenanted and recorded by and between the parties
hereto as follows:
That the Lessor has agreed to lease the said immovable property
measuring ____Acre______Kanal_______marla_________Share out of the above-
mentioned land to the second Party mentioned above and the Lessees has agreed to
pay the sum of Rs. only(Rupees-
____________________________________________________ )Only)
per acre per year as Rent.
Whereas both the parties now desired to reduce the terms into writing, it is now hereby
agreed as follows -

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