HTML Preview Loan Repayment Letter page number 1.

The Branch Manager
Date :
Dear Sir/Madam,
Loan Account No.: Loan Type : Home / Imp / Extn / Land / Others (specify) :
I/We have availed a loan under the above mentioned loan account no. and would like to make a:
- Part prepayment of `
- Full prepayment of the said loan account.
The above has been availed under the ARHL/FRHL/DRHL/Fixed First scheme and I am aware that any prepayment will be permitted by HDFC subject to
Prepayment charges if applicable to that product and scheme.
I/We confirm the prepayment is being made from the sources mentioned herewith.
I/We are attaching herewith copies of the documents mentioned above to enable you to verify the source of this prepayment.
I/we would like to make this prepayment on and would request you to inform me the amount payable by me
including prepayment charges if applicable.
I/we understand that:
- HDFC will only accept prepayment by cheques issued from the Borrower or Co-borrower’s bank account OR
- Payment instruments issued by Banks and other Financial Institutions AND
- HDFC reserves the right to reject instruments issued by Third Parties (other than those who are party of the loan)
I/We further undertake that HDFC reserves the right to revise the amount payable if at any time it is found that the sources and documents submitted is/
are found to be incorrect and / or inadequate.
From :
Mobile No.:
For HDFC’s Internal use only :
Name of person receiving : Office :
Observations :
Prep Sr No.: Date : Signature(s) :
(*) Bank Statement required for at least the past six months
Yours Sincerely,
(Signature of Borrower/co-borrower)
Source Details / Documentation
Details of Bank Statement (*) /
Other Document evidencing
Payment Details
Chq / DD /
Other Ref
No. & Date
Bank Name & Branch
Bank A/c No. &
Payer Name
Source Description with
Source Amount Breakup

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