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Volunteer Recruitment Plan
Volunteers are the lifeblood of any non-professional organisation. Without their dedication, time,
passion and expertise our club would cease to function. Therefore it is vital for the security of the clubs
long term future that we can effective recruit, develop and recognise the hard work that all our club
volunteers do.
Minimum requirements:
Although we welcome anyone who is keen to volunteer, there are a number of key traits we like to see
from people who apply:
-A love for sport
-Willingness to learn
There are a wide verity of roles available to potential volunteers at the club. Although it may not be
listed the club are willing to help meet the needs for any potential volunteer who should require a
certain form of experience to develop themselves for the future. Some of the common roles available at
the club are outlined below:
-Referee Co-ordinator -Team Coaches
-Coaching Co-ordinator -Team Managers
-Kit/Equipment Co-ordinator -Adult and Child Welfare Officer
-Girls/women Co-ordinator -Senior/junior Convenor
- Volunteer Co-ordinator
The club aim to utilise a number of varied methods when searching for new volunteers. Listed is some
of the methods the club currently uses:
-Club Website
-University/polytechnic students
-Seek NZ Volunteers
-Student Job Search
-School Youth Ambassadors
There are a vast number of benefits from volunteering for both the individual and the club. It can be a
great opportunity for CV building and personal development. Not to mention the positive impact that
your time and effort will have on Lower Hutt City AFC and the wider community.

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