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North Carolina A&T State University
Acknowledgments: This document is based on the plan used by the University of Minnesota Medical School IDP, which also had portions drawn or
adapted from materials developed at the following institutions: University of Minnesota Medical School, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer
Center; Indiana University School of Medicine, Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development; University of California, San Francisco, Office of
Academic Affairs and Faculty Development and Advancement.
Revision Date: March 11, 2015
Individual Development Plan
A Customizable Template for North Carolina A&T State University School Faculty
Purpose: The creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a planning process for identifying a
faculty member’s career objectives, professional development needs, and academic
progress. The IDP can also serve as a communication tool between- faculty and their
mentors. By customizing and completing this template, faculty can methodically plan their
short- and long-term career goals, obtain feedback on their progress, and identify
strategies for overcoming obstacles and maximizing opportunities.
How to use this document:
1. Complete this document at the beginning of each academic year.
2. Read the entire plan, then complete each section with thoughtful attention.
3. Once you have completed your plan, share it with key stakeholders (for example,
your mentor, department head). Request honest feedback.
4. Reflect on the advice, revise where appropriate, and add in your action responses.
5. Save a copy of your strategy and keep it readily available for ongoing review.
6. Actively implement your strategy. Use it as a map and guide for your goals and
timeline during the upcoming year. Pull it out for recurrent mentoring meetings if
7. Annually update, follow progress, and revise. An IDP should be a living document; its
contents will change as your needs and goals change and as you grow professionally.

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