HTML Preview Wedding Day Checklist For Bridesmaid page number 1.

Pre-Wedding Timeline & Checklist
for Bridesmaids
10-12 MONTHS (dates: / / through / / )
AFTER you’re asked to join the wedding party…
Send a congratulations/engagement card to bride (for her scrapbook or keepsake box)
MAID OF HONOR: make a planning notebook for the bride (download
MAID OF HONOR: gather info for bridesmaid contact list (download
) – share with bridesmaids
Buy engagement gift and attend engagement party
Offer to help bride look at venues for ceremony & reception
MAID OF HONOR: Ask bride about her “vision” for bridesmaids’ dresses – consider bridesmaids’ build & budget
(dates: / / through / / )
Get to know the other bridesmaids (send introductory e-mail, schedule a casual get-together, etc.)
Attend wedding shows & expos with the bride
Accompany bride for wedding dress & bridesmaid dress shopping
6-8 MONTHS (dates: / / through / / )
Have your measurements taken by a professional tailor/seamstress
Send bride your professional measurements for bridesmaid’s dress
Ask bride about any accessories you must buy (shoes, jewelry, pashmina/wraps)
Inquire with bride about making hotel accommodations
4-6 MONTHS (dates: / / through / / )
Be her “registry representative” and let invitees know where the couple is registered
MAID OF HONOR: Coordinate with bridesmaids and begin planning bridal shower
2-4 MONTHS (dates: / / through / / )
Offer to help bride stuff, address and puts stamps on invitations
MAID OF HONOR: Coordinate with bridesmaids and begin planning bachelorette party
Make appointment for first bridesmaid’s dress fitting (bring chosen shoes & undergarments)
Host & pay for bridal shower
Buy wedding present for bride & groom and have it shipped to them
Buy shower gift
(dates: / / through / / )
Make appointment for final bridesmaid’s dress fitting (bring chosen shoes & undergarments)
Host & pay for bachelorette party
Offer to help bride organize favors
Offer to help bride with seating chart (if you know many of the guests)
3 WEEKS (date: / / )
Pick up bridesmaid’s dress after final alterations
Start planning a toast for rehearsal dinner or reception
Offer to help bride create bags or baskets for the hotel rooms of out-of-town guests
MAID OF HONOR: Confirm wedding weekend checklist with bride (download list now)
MAID OF HONOR: Distribute wedding weekend checklist to bridesmaids
2 WEEKS (date: / / )
MAID OF HONOR: Prepare bridesmaid emergency kit (download list
1 WEEK (date: / / )
Gather items to pack for wedding (download list)
Scuff bottoms of new shoes so they’re not slippery
MAID OF HONOR: coordinate with bride & inform bridesmaids when/where to meet for rehearsal
MAID OF HONOR: delegate pre-ceremony snacks & drinks for bridesmaids (download list

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