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Job title
Real Estate Agent
General overview
Real estate agents act as representatives for clients that are planning to purchase or sell
their homes. Real estate agents can also work with apartments, commercial and land. Real estate
agents are important in promoting sales and Real estate agents handle job such as marketing
properties, organizing open houses and easing the transition for their clients. They act as person
of negotiation with potential buyers or sellers in settlement details (Residential Real Estate Sales
Agent Job Description, 2014).
Job duties and responsibilities
Real agents have numerous responsibilities, when it comes to helping clients buy and sell
their homes. Frist they must interview their potential clients. Rest estate agents then organize
possible sale listings in their respective neighborhoods. Real estate agents also help their clients
advertise and establish an asking price of their homes. Once a client’s home is on the market real
estate agents are responsible for conducting open houses which allow potential buys a chance to
view the home. (National Occupational Classification , 2013)
Real estate agents are also responsible to secure construction on possible homes. Real
estate agents may also work on homes prior to them even being built. Real estate agents
sometimes find undeveloped areas and asses their market value. Much of real estate agents
responsibilities rely on their knowledge of their market and area around them. Real estate agents
are responsible for conducting research of their area. Research may include collecting data of
the demographics. Real estate agents are also responsible for helping clients trying to sell their
homes advice on how to market and make their homes presentable (My Plan, 2014).
Typical workday
Retail agents don’t often have a typical work day. There is a mix of outdoor and indoor
work. Indoor work includes contacting possible clients and on conduction research. Indoor also
includes attending meeting and networking events. Retail agents often conduct meetings in their
communities to share information with other retail agents. Locating listings and rising
communities is also a large part of a real estate agents day. On slow days, retail agents are
encouraged to remain close with their clients and update them possible changes in buying or
selling their home. Real estate agents are constantly on the go. Much of their work also has to do
with a face place lifestyle When the outdoor work includes traveling to different homes and
move from one home to another. Although, much is dependent on the clients (Evans, 2000).
Educational requirements and other qualifications
To become a real estate agent a minimum of a secondary schooling is required.
Following schooling completion of train courses and provincial licensing employment is
required (National Occupational Classification , 2013). Following courses real estate agents need
to become a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association. The courses teach real estate
agents about the rules and regulations of the profession. Courses cost between $2,000 and $3,000
with possible extra cost when applying for license (Tattire, 2011).

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