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April 5, 2010
Dear [Contact Name],
Consistent with the letters dated January 4, February 5, March 5, and March 22, 2010 sent to you
concerning the submittal of unit shipment data (USD) by [Partner Name], the purpose of this letter is to
notify you that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has terminated your company’s ENERGY
partnership for failure to fulfill your partner commitments.
As stated in the ENERGY STAR Partnership Agreement your company signed with EPA, USD or other
market indicators must be provided to EPA on an annual basis to help determine the market penetration
of ENERGY STAR qualified products. The Partner Commitments state partners must submit USD no later
than March each year.
The March 31, 2010 submission deadline for 2009 has passed and EPA has not received your company’s
USD submittal for [Product Type] despite repeated attempts to reach the primary contact(s) your
company has indicated to EPA.
Unfortunately, since your USD has not been received, and consistent with the process described in all
previous communications on this topic, this letter serves as notification that EPA has terminated your
company’s ENERGY STAR partnership for [Product Type]. This termination is due to your failure
to honor your partner commitments, and will be effective immediately.
As part of this termination, all of your [Product Type] models submitted to EPA as ENERGY STAR
qualified have been removed from the qualified products list on the ENERGY STAR Web site at
. Your company name has also been removed from the partner list. Please note that
you must immediately cease using the ENERGY STAR name and mark in association with [Partner
Name]’s [Product Type] models.
Should you wish to rejoin ENERGY STAR in the future, you must first submit the required unit shipment
data for calendar year 2009 and complete the paperwork to join ENERGY STAR again. If you require
additional copies of the 2009 USD forms, please send an email to
download the forms from the ENERGY STAR Web site at:
. If you do not have
email access and would like to request the forms, have additional questions about the USD requirement,
or believe you have received this letter in error, please call Joshua Forgotson, ICF International, at (202)
Katharine Kaplan, Acting Branch Chief
ENERGY STAR Product Labeling

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