HTML Preview Teachers Two Weeks Notice Resignation page number 1.

Name (print)
City, State, Zip Code
Dear ________________________________
I resign my employment with the Alamance-Burlington School System
as a __________________________ at _________________________.
(position) (school/site)
My reason for resigning is
medical reasons.
career change.
to further my
family responsibilities.
to teach in another NC school district.*
to accept a non-teaching role in another NC
school district.*
to teach in a NC charter school.*
to teach in a NC private school.*
to teach in another state.
retirement, effective date_________________.
*If you are going to be employed by another school system or state agency, please list the name of your
new employer: _____________________________________________________________
My resignation will become effective the end of the day __________________.
I affirm that I am choosing to resign of my own free will, and have not been coerced or forced to
resign. I agree that my employer has made no representations to me in reference to my resignation,
including but not limited to any representations regarding the effect of my resignation on any pending or
future investigation. I understand that I had the ability to consult an attorney at my own cost and expense
before signing this resignation.
c: Dawn Madren
Executive Director of Human Resources
***Pursuant to ABSS School Board Policy 5290, I hereby accept your resignation on behalf
of the ABSS Board of Education.
_______________________ _______ ________
Revised 10/20/14 (Superintendent/HR Designee) (Date) (Position #)

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