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Annual Planning Calendar
This planning calendar is designed to help student organizations plan ahead for the year. Because dates
for particular events change from year to year, only general time frames are listed. Specific dates for a
given year will need to be researched by the organization.
E-mail Announcements:
The Office of Student Engagement frequently sends out email announcements to primary student
leaders and advisors of registered student organizations. These email announcements are typically
distributed utilizing CampusLINK and will require that the rosters of organizations be updated with
position and email addresses for members and leaders. These emails contain important information for
your organization including important due dates and deadlines, policy announcements, and other time
sensitive information.
On-going Applications, proposals, opportunities, etc.:
- New student organization registration and reactivation of previously registered organizations
(Contact the OSE at 836-4386 for more information)
- Student Organization Leadership Development workshops (register for any session by visiting
the OSE website)
- Revised/amended Constitutions and Bylaws (submit electronically to the GA for Co-Curricular
Involvement for review by OSE staff and SGA)
- Student Organization Funding Allocation Council (SOFAC) funding proposals and meetings
(Contact the GA for SOFAC at 836-4386 for more information)
- Travel Registration and Release Forms (check out the OSE website for more information on
policy and requirements)
- Check organization mailbox at least once a week (located in PSU 111)!
Plan Ahead!
- Once a week, check mailbox in PSU 111 and email for announcements
- Always keep a photocopy of any application, form, proposal, nomination or other item that is
submitted on behalf of the organization.
- Add your organization’s officer elections to the month they take place in and refer to other
portions of this handbook to add transition events to make the move as smooth as possible.
- Add major events and activities of the organization to the planning calendar to customize it for
your organization.
- Register for New Student Festival if you haven’t done so already
- Participate in New Student Festival
- Attend a Student Organization Orientation before September 30
- Welcome Week events campus wide

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