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3.30pm-6.15pm Monday to Friday
*Max 60 children enrolled aged between 5-12years
Two staff members arrive and prepare the afternoon snack for the children
When finished the 2 staff set up the room
The snack should include two platters of fruit/veggies and two platters of breads/ biscuits
The coordinator is to mark off any absences and add on any casual bookings
Safety check should be completed by a staff member
School bell rings and ASC begins
Staff are to be in there designated areas: (Two are to be ready with the rolls to sign the children
in, one is to be waiting in the hall to play games with the ‘Ducklings group and one supervising
the ‘chickens group’ who are serving their own food)
When chickens have been signed in by a staff member they go and wash their hands and then
serve themselves afternoon tea
When Ducklings are signed in the go sit the middle of the hall ready for games
3.35- 3.55pm
Ducklings are playing games in the hall
Chickens are eating afternoon tea in the foyer
Rules at eating time:
Children are to be sitting at all times
All children must have at least two pieces of fruit before receiving bread or biscuits
Children are not to be running around at this time. It is “Eating Time and quiet reading time”.
All children should be accounted for by this time. If children are missing contact the office to put
an announcement over for them.

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