HTML Preview Adobe AI Cheatsheet for Toolbar and Windows page number 1.

selection tool ( v ) - used to select an element from a layout (creates a binding box around element)
only the most commonly used features of AI that we will be using this semester is covered on this cheat sheet
direct selection tool ( a ) - Selects a single anchor point instead of the whole shape. Used for editing
anchor point of a shape. Click once on a point to select and hold Shift to select multiple anchor points.
pen tool ( p ) - used for creating custom shapes/outlines similiar to Photoshop
type tool ( t )- used for creating text
line tool - creates straight lines (lines can be adjusted for thickness and style - ie: dotted or dashed)
shape tool - creates shapes similiar to Photoshop (rectangle tool - M ); (elipse tool - L )
brush tool ( b )
pencil tool ( n )
rotate/reect tool ( r ) - used to rotate or reect (mirror) an element or image
scale tool ( s ) - used to scale an element or image (like PS, use SHIFT to maintain proportion)
warp tool (SHIFT - r )
free transform tool ( e )
eye dropper tool ( i ) - copies attributes of one object and applies it to another - ie: color, ll/stroke, font
hand tool (h or hold down space bar) - allows you to move around the canvas
zoom tool ( z ) - allows you to zoom in and out like in PS
ll/stroke color - ll is the solid color, stroke is the outline or border color of a shape
Adobe Illustrator (AI) Tool Bar and Windows

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