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Your Baby’s Activity Record (Kick Counts):
A guide to counting your baby’s movements
What is Fetal Movement Counting?
Healthy babies are usually active. Unborn babies sleep for short periods of time (sometimes up to
2 hours at a time) but most of the time they will kick, roll, twist and turn. Counting your baby’s
movements is a way to tell how your baby is doing. A healthy baby usually moves at least 8-10
times in 2 hours (or about 4-5 times per hour).
Doctors and midwives usually recommend that you begin keeping track of movements around
the 7th month of pregnancy (about 28 weeks). As you get to know your baby’s movement
pattern, you will be able to report any changes to your care provider. In the last 3 months of your
pregnancy you should be able to feel the baby kicking and moving every day. Any day you feel
your baby is not moving as much as usual you should count your baby’s movements (kick
counts). Remember, as your baby gets bigger at the end of your pregnancy, there is less space for
your baby to move, so movements may feel different. Even though the movements may feel
smaller, you should still feel your baby move at least 4-5 times in one hour at least once a day.
How do I Count My Baby’s Movements?
1) Choose a time of day that your baby is usually active. (It may be best to count after a meal.)
2) Get in a comfortable position. You can lie down or sit in a chair with your feet up.
3) Write down the date and time that you begin counting your baby’s movements.
4) Continue counting until your baby has moved 10 times. Count any movements including
kicks, rolls, swishes, or flutters.
5) After your baby has moved 10 times, write down the time on your chart.
6) If you can’t feel your baby move, try to wake the baby by drinking a glass of juice or walking
around for few minutes. Then start counting again.
What Should I do if My Baby Doesn’t Move?
If after doing kick counts, your baby has not moved 8-10 times in 2 hours, call your doctor or
midwife right away.
On Sunday, October 14th, you begin counting your baby’s movements at 7:05 PM. By 7:40 PM,
you have felt your baby kick or move 10 times. You would fill in your chart this way:

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