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University of California Academic Personnel Review
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Assistant Professor
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I have been a computer scientist in one form or another since the fourth grade. That isn’t
so rare now, but I attended one of the first three elementary schools in the country to have
computers available for students to use [ ]. I spent many of my recesses learning to
program by examining Basic programs. In many ways being a computer science
professor is my dream job, combining my love of computer science research with my
passion for teaching, and I look forward to a long and successful career at UC Santa
My biobib lists many of my professional accomplishments, including those since arriving
here last Fall, but it fails to capture the full range of things I have done and leaves out
many other aspects of my life here that I believe need to be considered in any evaluation
of my accomplishments. Accordingly, I would like to outline some of my other
accomplishments and discuss some of the things in my life that are not included in my
I am currently working on three systems research projects. I am doing ongoing and new
research related to my Ph.D. dissertation topic, soft real-time systems. In addition to my
ongoing work in this area, I have recently entered into collaboration with [ ] of [ ]
and we have already written one proposal to the Office of Naval Research Multi-
University Research Initiative. We have also outlined two papers that we plan to write on
our mutual research. Since arriving here I have started doing research in advanced
storage systems, including probe storage research in collaboration with Dr.[ ] and
Dr.[ ]. Finally, I have recently begun doing research on Video-on-Demand with [ ]
and [ ] of the [ ]. I expect all of these research projects to be very successful in
terms of research results, papers produced, proposals written and funded, students
supported, and advanced degrees granted.
During the past year I have had one journal paper appear and another was accepted for
publication. These were both in special issues of very highly respected journals with low
acceptance rates (11% and 19%). In addition, I am currently working on several
conference-level papers about various aspects of my soft-time research. One paper,
tentatively entitled, “Performance Metrics for Soft Real-Time Systems,” discusses
performance characterization of soft-real time systems. It includes work that I have done
on my own in this area, as well as collaborative work with [ ] of the [ ]. This paper
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