Progress report templates

Are you looking for project status report templates? Probably because you are looking for a professional way to collect and present the overall project results from your project managers?

What is a business report?

A business report is a document written for evaluating a business activity, task, or some problem and is presented to the responsible senior business employers. This report defines the performance of a business for a specific situation or circumstance. The main purpose of a business report is communication. Communication over the situation to propose a better solution and a clear overview of the circumstance. A business report writing must be done in such a manner that it is easier for the reader to navigate through the report quickly and he gets a complete understanding of the whole scenario. We will provide you some steps to write a business report in a clear and easy-to-understand way. There are multiple types of business reports and we will provide a clear detail on each of them as well.

What are the types of business reports?

There are two types of business reports, informal business reports, and formal business reports. These types of business reports lie under two different categories, information one and analytical one. There can be an informal analytical business report as well as a formal analytics business report. Let us explain to you briefly about the types of business reports.

Download these easy-to-use Project Status Report templates if you want to start today and not interested in those complex overpriced web applications!

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