Tree templates

What is tree diagram?

The definition of a treemap is a graphical or diagrammatic tool that systematically decomposes and then maps in detail all the components or elements of a situation, phenomenon, process or state in successive stages. It is also used to perform probability calculations and make decisions. By using a tree diagram, the description of the problem can be seen more clearly.

A treemap is a way to visually represent a hierarchy in a tree-like structure. Typically, the structure of a tree diagram consists of elements such as the root node, members without parent/parent nodes, etc. Then there are nodes, connected by line connections called branches, representing relationships and connections between elements. Finally, leaf nodes (or terminal nodes) are members that have no children or children.

A treemap is a graph that starts at one central element and then branches to other elements, continuing to branch until the query lines starting from the central element are exhausted. A tree diagram with branching steps prompts you to move systematically from the general to the specific.

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