Wedding Itinerary templates

What does it mean to have a wedding itinerary? What's an example of a wedding itinerary?

The wedding itinerary is like a plan that shows all the activities or journey, where you will go, what time, with what kind of transportation, and possibly what you can expect to do at the destination. It's basically a wedding day planning. The itinerary is designed for those who are primarily time driven - as you might have guessed. It's perfect for those who want to see their day planned out and tied to a specific time, so they spend their journey more efficiently.

The main advantage of using an itinerary template is that it enables you to have a clear idea of the entire trip, and include the following main items:

- Time of departure

- Purpose of events/activities during the wedding

- Destinations (Dates, time: location from where you are departing)

- Transportation

- Accommodation (Dates,Location,Name,Phone number,Cost,Reservation)

- Finances: (Country,Currency,Exchange rate, location,Notes )

- Details of the important places that you will be visiting

- Cost of each activity

Begin planning early and consider also: emergency services, possible jet lag, the weather, etc.

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