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Looking for a Risk Assessment Template in Excel or a Risk Assessment Matrix in Excel? Download this Risk assessment Excel template that meets your company or industry needs now!

Check out the Risk Assessment Template in Excel in order to find a better way to understand and manage risks. As a responsible person or company, you must carry out, and regularly review, a general risk assessment in order to timely identify and prevent issues from happening. The following columns are important in a Risk Assessment template:

  • Potential hazard;
  • Who is at risk?;
  • Existing control measures;
  • Risk rating;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Responsibilities.

The RAG status can be defined by making an analysis regarding


  • Almost certain   (e.g. >90% chance)
  • Likely (e.g. between 50 and 90% chance)
  • Moderate (e.g. betweem 1-% amd 50% chance)
  • Unlikely (e.g. between 3% and 10% chance)
  • Rare (e.g. < 3% chance)


  • Insignificant (Minor problem easily handled by normal day to day process)
  • Minor (Some disruption possible, e.g. Damage equal to $500K)
  • Moderate  (Significant time/resources required e.g. Damage equal to $ 1 MLN)
  • Major(Operations severely damaged, e.g. Damage equal to $ 10 MLN)
  • Catastrophic (Business survival is at risk damage equal to $ 25 MLN)

Download this professional Excel Risk Assessment Template now! Using our business templates guarantees you will save time, cost and efforts and helps you to reach the next level of success in your education, work and business!

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Risk Assessment Template

Check out these Risk Management templates and find one that meets your company or industry needs!

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