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  • Practice Writing Metaphors

    What are some examples of metaphors? What are powerful metaphors to explain situations? What are the 10 examples of metaphor?

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  • Simile Examples

    Which excerpt from the life you save may be your own contains an example of a simile? What are powerful simile to use in everyday conversations? Check out these Simile Examples.

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  • Metaphor Examples

    What are powerful metaphors to explain situations? What are the 10 examples of metaphor? Download these Metaphor Examples now.

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  • Analytical Essay Example

    How do you write an analytical essay? What is analytical essay example? Download this Analytical essay example and writing suggestions and best practices.

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  • Essay Plan Template

    How to structure an essay? Download this essay outline and get the polished essay that will impress your future readers.

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  • Blank Essay Outline Template Word

    In what ways can you write an essay that will impress the reader? Download our sample template which will help you organize your ideas and create a well-structured essay.

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  • Conduit Metaphor

    What are some examples of metaphors? What is a common metaphor? How to use Conduit Metaphors? Download this Conduit Metaphor template now!

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  • Conventional Metaphor

    What Is a conventional metaphor? What are the definition of conventional metaphor and examples? Download this Conventional Metaphor examples tutorial now for your own benefit!

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  • Extended Metaphor

    What is a good metaphor for life? What is an Extended Metaphor? Extended Metaphor Definition and Examples. Download this Extended Metaphor tutorial template now!

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  • Poetry Analysis Essay

    How to create a Poetry Analysis Essay? Download this Poetry Analysis Essay template now!

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