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But in this rejection of modularity lies great descriptive power: a theory of linguistic humour can draw upon every such facet with ease, crossing functional boundaries as needed and allowing the interpretation and generation processes to view each component of meaning (lexical, semantic and pragmatic) as re-entrant and available at every level of linguistic analysis.. More recently, Attardo (2002) describes how structuremapping can be used as the basis for a logical mechanism in the General Theory of Verbal Humour (GTVH), with such mappings providing a structured basis for recognizing the semantic or pragmatic oppositions needed to detect the points of tension in a joke and trigger the frame-switching underlying humorous narratives.. So what makes (2) so funny and the long-winded equivalent under (1) so dull Because “I” is metonymically used to denote both von Braun and his rockets, while his “Aim” is simultaneously an abstract research goal, a physical target to be launched at, and a geographic destination to be reached, we can think of (1) as concisely communicating a number of different propositions in parallel: von Braun wishes to visit the stars von Braun wants his rockets to reach the stars and von Braun wants mankind to reach the stars in his rockets.. We can think of von Braun and his critic in (2) as players that indirectly partake in a linguistic game of wits: von Braun opens with a conventional metaphor (AIM IS ABSTRACT GOAL Travel Capability to the Stars ) but is countered by a critic who exploits this metaphor literally (AIM IS P HYSICAL TARGET Stars with unintended secondary target London ).. Trumping as a Logical Mechanism Generalizing from the examples of metaphoric trumping in the previous section, we arrive at the following schematic description of the process: Player 1 Opens with an utterance containing a conventional figure of speech F (e.g., F = metaphor, metonymy, idiom, etc.) F serves a communicative goal G (e.g., G = self-aggrandisement, in

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