Pr press release templates

How to write a press release that gives results?

When you are writing an official press release, a statement prepared and distributed to the press by a public relations firm, governmental agency, it requires your upmost attention. There is only 1 time to make a first impression, and Press Releases are the most important way to announce news or product launches. Having a professional Word or Google Docs press release template can inspire you to write your best PR release ever. That Is what we try to achieve at least. There are some considerations to keep in mind when you want to write an impactful press release.

The press release templates on our website are valuable template if your company wants to make a public announcement. Great tips and writing suggestions for an effective press releases:

1. Find a newsworthy angle that relates to a trending topic;

2. Be very creative with creating an appealing press release headline, however, keep it factual and very clear and have it summarize your total release;

3. In your first paragraph be sure to clearly explain your point of the release;

4. Respect the KISS Principle: Keep It Simple Stupid;

5. Describe why this is newsworthy release and introduce essential details of the product, service, etc.;

6. Provide a supporting context;

7. Never forget to include your company name, contact info, release date;

8. Include inspiring quotes from famous people or experts;

9. Lead into the reader's next steps;

10. Keep it short and attractive; not more than 1 page and maximum of 500 words;

11. Involve a local angle to get local area press coverage;

12. End with your disclaimer.

Please scroll below through the best Press Release templates as Google Docs and Microsoft Word files that meet your needs:

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