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Datum Corporation,Lead,Q1,300000,25 ,75000,75000,0,0,0 Adventure Works,Lead,Q1,200000,25 ,50000,50000,0,0,0 Alpine Ski House,Opportunity,Q1,100000,50 ,50000,50000,0,0,0 Baldwin Museum of Science,Opportunity,Q2,500000,50 ,250000,0,250000,0,0 Blue Yonder Airlines,Solution Proposed,Q2,400000,75 ,300000,0,300000,0,0 City Power Light,Solution Proposed,Q2,300000,75 ,225000,0,225000,0,0 Coho Vineyard,Formal Approval,Q3,200000,100 ,200000,0,0,200000,0 Coho Winery,Formal Approval,Q3,100000,100 ,100000,0,0,100000,0 Coho Vineyard Winery,Lead,Q3,500000,25 ,125000,0,0,125000,0 "Contoso, Ltd.",Opportunity,Q4,300000,50 ,150000,0,0,0,150000 Contoso Pharmaceuticals,Solution Proposed,Q4,400000,75 ,300000,0,0,0,300000 Consolidated Messenger,Formal Approval,Q4,200000,100 ,200000,0,0,0,200000 "Fabrikam, Inc.",Lead,Q1,100000,25 ,25000,25000,0,0,0 Fourth Coffee,Formal Approval,Q1,200000,100 ,200000,200000,0,0,0 Graphic Design Institute,Formal Approval,Q2,300000,100 ,300000,0,300000,0,0 Humongous Insurance,Opportunity,Q2,300000,50 ,150000,0,150000,0,0 "Litware, Inc.",Lead,Q4,400000,25 ,100000,0,0,0,100000 Lucerne Publishing,Lead,Q4,200000,25 ,50000,0,0,0,50000 Margie s Travel,Formal Approval,Q4,500000,100 ,500000,0,0,0,500000 Northwind Traders,Solution Proposed,Q2,300000,75 ,225000,0,225000,0,0 "Proseware, Inc.",Solution Proposed,Q2,200000,75 ,150000,0,150000,0,0 School of Fine Art,Solution Proposed,Q3,200000,75 ,150000,0,0,150000,0 TOTAL,,6200000,3875000,400000,1600000,575000,1300000 ,,,400000,2000000,2575000,3875000.

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