Limited Power of Attorney

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How to make a Limited Power of Attorney (POA)? Check out this sample Power of Attorney and  Download this Limited Power of Attorney now!

This Limited Power of Attorney (POA) covers the most important subjects and will help you to structure and communicate in a professional way with the stakeholders involved. The following articles are applicable: 

    • Recitals
    • General grant of power 
    • Collection powers 
    • Real property powers 
    • Personal property powers 
    • Gift power 
    • Contract powers 
    • Banking powers 
    • Tax returns 
    • Safe deposit box 
    • Employ agents 
    • Motor vehicles 
    • Settlement powers 
    • Legal actions 
    • Dividends 
    • Vote stock
    • Transfer stock 
    • Insurance and employee benefit plans 
    • Social security and government benefits 
    • Business interests 
    • Borrow 
    • Debts and expenses
    • Investments 
    • Restrictions on attorney's powers
    • Interpretation and governing law 
    • Third-party reliance 
    • Disability of principal 
    • Photographic copies 
    • Signatures

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