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How do I set up a team charter? What is included in a team charter?

A team charter is a file that is created by a (project)group setting that clarifies team direction while establishing boundaries. It is developed early during the forming of the team. Additionally, it explains for example the organizational leaders and other workgroups about the goals and means to achieve the goals, illustrating the direction of the team.

Adequate communication is essential when you work in a team to achieve goals. In order to gain truthful and accurate information, you need to make sure that team management and members can make rational and correct decisions. For those persons that have what we call a "high-performance mindset,” we know they prefer to work with the latest update of professional project management templates, in order to achieve their goals faster. We are certain this team charter template will be of value.

Feel free to download this Team Charter Template, or simply browse through our website to find other basic or advanced template designs. They are intuitive and available in several kinds of formats, such as PDF, WORD, XLS (EXCEL including formulas and can calculate sums automatically).

Team Charter Format:

State the reasons for the team’s formation and its purposes. Who are your stakeholders, and what are their expectations .the team?

What are the team’s project, process, and quality goals? To what level of performance are team members willing to commit?

Member Roles and Responsibilities 
While some team responsibilities are shared by all members, collaborative teams work best when members also have unique roles and responsibilities. These could be technical and/or project management-related (e.g. meeting facilitator, documentation coordinator, information manager, point person for sponsor/advisor communications, etc.).

Ground Rules 
How and when will this team meet? What are the norms and ground rules the team will agree to? H..

Potential Barriers and Coping Strategies
What barriers to effective teamwork might potentially arise in the course of completing your project and other team obligations, and how will you handle them if they materialize? W.?

Have each member sign and date the charter to signify that the contents are agreed upon by the whole t.

Project Management
Projects can be of various types, which means they have to be managed differently. Based on the type of industry and business niche, every project needs to be understood and analyzed before jumping on to the actual phase of project management. 
After the initial phase of planning and obtaining sufficient knowledge about the project, project managers can outline the strategies for successful management and implementation of a project. In this phase, the planned tasks are completed within the decided time frame, one after another. This phase has to be managed expertly to ensure that all the important tasks are completed timely. 
The phase of project management can be categorized into different stages. The most important stages of project management are given below:

  • Initial Planning;
  • Execution of Plans;
  • Monitoring and Tracking the Progress;
  • Closing;
  • Evaluation.

Using this project management template guarantees that you will save time, cost, and effort and make you more successful in your project, work, and business! 

Download this project management template now! Completing an effective Team Charter Template was never easier!

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