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How do I write a performance review for myself? What do you write in an employee self-evaluation?

This HR evaluation form classifies as a sample self-evaluation and report document. Building a business has many steps and requirements, and one crucial component of starting and getting a business to grow that often gets overlooked is HR. Having an HR manager or department within your company requires effort and knowledge, and, depending on the size and industry, might become quickly overwhelming. 

Within an organization, the Human resources department manages its employees, from the beginning: by selecting and recruiting staff (sifting through resumes, job applications, and conducting interviews), onboarding and training them, do performance reviews (KPO setting, annual review, etc), all employment-related paperwork, and finally also arranges the termination of the employees. They need to oversee the organization's fair employment practices, HR Handbook, workplace safety, benefits, payroll, and vacation time.

Employee Self Performance evaluation form:

The following evaluation shall be utilized for the performance appraisals for all employees. The Evaluator will provide comments and suggestions designed to assist the employee for the purpose of skill, knowledge, and performance improvement.

  • Employee Name: 
  • Evaluation Date: 
  • Position/Title: 
  • Department:
  • Evaluator's Name:
  • The following evaluation is:Date
  • Employee's last performance evaluation was completed on Date.
  • What changes in duties or priorities did you face during the review period and how did you handle them?
  • What are your weaknesses (the things you don’t do so well) and how do they impact your job?
  • Do you understand the requirements of your job? 
  • What aspects of your job need clarification?
  • What would help you enhance your performance (training, equipment, etc.)?
  • What are your expectations for...


Employee performance Scale (1 to 5):

5 - OUTSTANDING: Performance of job requirements noticeably exceeds established expectations and standards for quality, quantity, and timeliness; outcomes are well above fully competent performance. Employees perform more than asked and explore improved methods of accomplishing tasks.

Assess the Employee's overall performance for this evaluation period.

  • Overall Employee Rating
  • Comments
  • I have been provided with the opportunity to review the above performance evaluation. I have discussed this evaluation with my supervisor, and I have been provided a copy of this evaluation for my records.
We support you and your company by providing this Human Resources document template, which will help you to make a perfect one! This Employee Evaluation Form is created by HR professionals, and intelligently structured, and easy-to-navigate through. Pay close attention to its content, to make sure that it fits your own needs.     

Download this employee performance evaluation form free download now! This will save you or your HR department time, cost, and effort and helps you to create a robust HR system.

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