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Do you need a Burundi Flag template that you can print? What is the meaning of the Burundi Flag? Download our flag template which is perfect for printing. They are free to download and come in a variety of dimensions. Check them out today!

The flag of Burundi consists of a white diagonal cross (from the lower hoist-side corner to the upper fly-side corner) dividing the flag into four triangular sections. The top and bottom triangles are green, while the left and right triangles are red. The flag's design and colors hold several symbolic meanings:

  1. Red Triangles: The red triangles symbolize the suffering and sacrifices made by the Burundian people during their struggle for independence from colonial rule and in various conflicts. Red is a common color associated with valor and bloodshed in the pursuit of freedom.
  2. Green Triangles: The green triangles represent Burundi's lush landscape, its agriculture, and its hope for a prosperous future. Green is often associated with fertility, growth, and the country's agricultural potential.
  3. White Cross: The white cross that divides the flag diagonally is a symbol of peace and unity. It reflects Burundi's aspiration for peace and reconciliation among its diverse ethnic groups and communities.

The flag of Burundi was officially adopted on March 28, 1967, when the country gained independence from Belgian colonial rule. It replaced the colonial flag and became a symbol of the nation's sovereignty and aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous future. Additionally, it's worth noting that the design and symbolism of the flag are sometimes related to the ethnic divisions within the country, with the red symbolizing the Hutu ethnic group and the green symbolizing the Tutsi ethnic group, while the white cross represents unity and hope for reconciliation.

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Jigsaw of Burundi flag
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