System Measurement Analysis Example

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Indicate the number of,,,,,,,, "1,2",Robert Bowers,,,trail runs each person will take:,,2,,,,,, "1,3",Jamin Musului,,,,,,,,,, "1,4",,,,, ,,,,,, "1,5",,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Step 2 - Establish an acceptable criteria regarding if the measurement passes of fails:,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, "2,1", Percent that must be in Agreement ,,95 ,,,,,,,, "2,2", Confidence Level in Results ,,95 ,,,,,,,, "2,3", Indicate the number of measurements to be taken ,,,20,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, "Step 3 - Select the units to be measured, have each observer measure the unit in random order, repeat the process",,,,,,,,,,, ,"according to the number of trial runs, and tabulate the results in the table below:",,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,Observ, ,Sherry Minzer,,Robert Bowers,,Jamin Musului,,0,,0, ,No.,Trial 1,Trial 2,Trial 3,Trial 4,Trial 1,Trial 2,Trial 3,Trial 4,Trial 1,Trial 2,Trial 3,Trial 4,Trial 1,Trial 2,Trial 3,Trial 4,Trial 1,Trial 2,Trial 3,Trial 4 ,1,6,6,,6,6,,6,6,,,,, ,2,8,8,,8,8,,8,8,,,,, ,3,11,11,,11,11,,11,11,,,,, ,4,7,7,,7,7,,7,7,,,,, ,5,10,10,,10,10,,10,10,,,,, ,6,4,4,,4,4,,4,4,,,,, ,7,6,6,,6,6,,6,6,,,,, ,8,8,8,,8,8,,8,8,,,,, ,9,7,7,,6,6,,7,7,,,,, ,10,9,9,,9,9, ,9,9,,,,, ,11,11,11,,11,11,,11,11,,,,, ,12,8,8,,8,8,,8,8,,,,, ,13,7,7,,7,7,,7,7,,,,, ,14,10,10,,10,10,,10,10,,,,, ,15,6,6,,6,6,,5,6,,,,, ,16,9,9,,9,9,,9,9,,,,, ,17,7,7,,7,7,,7,7,,,,, ,18,8,8,,8,8,,8,8,,,,, ,19,6,6,,6,6,,6,6,,,,, ,20,10,10,,10,10,,10,10,,,,, ,21, ,,,,,,,,,, ,22,,,,,,,,,, ,23,,,,,,,,,, ,24,,,,,,,,,, ,25,,,,,,,,,, ,26,,,,,,,,,, ,27,,,,,,,,,, ,28,,,,,,,,,, ,29,,,,,,,,,, ,30,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Step 4 - Determine the Degree

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