Landlords Consent to Assignment

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Do you need a Landlord's Consent to Assignment? What is consent to the assignment? Our template provides a comprehensive document that covers all the necessary information you need for your landlord's consent. Save time with our template and get your landlord's consent quickly and easily. Download our sample template now!

A landlord's consent to assignment, also known as a consent to assignment of lease, is a legal document that a landlord provides to a tenant when the tenant wishes to assign their lease to another party, known as the assignee or subtenant. This document serves as the landlord's formal agreement to allow the tenant to transfer their rights and responsibilities under the existing lease to the assignee. It outlines the terms and conditions under which the assignment is approved.

Here are the key elements typically found in a landlord's consent to assignment:

  1. Tenant Information: The document should identify the current tenant (assignor) by name and provide their contact information, including the address of the leased premises.
  2. Assignee Information: Include the name and contact details of the proposed assignee (subtenant) who wishes to assume the lease.
  3. Lease Details: Specify the details of the existing lease, such as the lease start date, lease term, and the address of the leased property.
  4. Reason for Assignment: The tenant should provide a brief explanation of why they wish to assign the lease. Common reasons include relocation, business expansion, or the need to downsize.
  5. Terms and Conditions of Assignment: Outline the terms and conditions of the assignment. This may include:
    • The effective date of the assignment.
    • Any restrictions or limitations on the assignee's use of the premises.
    • The assignee's responsibility for rent and other lease obligations.
    • The tenant's ongoing liability under the lease, is often referred to as "guarantor" or "surety" clauses.
    • Any required security deposits or fees from the assignee.
    • A statement indicating that the tenant will not be released from their obligations under the lease until the assignee fulfills their obligations.
  6. Landlord's Consent: The landlord should explicitly state their consent to the assignment and confirm that they have reviewed and approved the terms of the assignment.
  7. Tenant's Release: Include a statement that, upon the assignment becoming effective, the tenant is released from all obligations and liabilities under the lease, except those explicitly mentioned in the consent document.
  8. Tenant's Signature: The tenant should sign and date the document to indicate their agreement with the terms and their request for the landlord's consent.
  9. Landlord's Signature: The landlord or their authorized representative should also sign and date the document to indicate their consent.

Once all parties have signed the Landlord's Consent to Assignment, it becomes a legally binding agreement. The tenant is typically responsible for providing a copy of the consent document to both the landlord and the assignee.

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