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2 - Timesheets posted to PMS in a timely manner,,, ,,, Projects to be Sampled,,, ,,, The portfolio of developmental IT projects consists of:,,, ,,, ,Project,Jan 07 Labor,Jan 07 Vendor,Total, of, Count,ID Number,Costs,Invoice Costs,Costs,Total, ,,, 1,D001139HT03,167515,"383920,73","551435,73","3,72714642584792 ", 2,D001196QC02,3244101,"1230671,78","4474772,78","30,2449269536063 ","30,2449269536063 " 3,D001893SG01,347566,"23524,85","371090,85","2,50819789142493 ", 4,D002743LB02,488961,"1911891,05","2400852,05","16,2273255981203 ","16,2273255981203 " 5,D002784NC01,290077,"147913,46","437990,46","2,9603714245076 ", 6,D002784NC02,303113,"361774,79","664887,79","4,49396732070376 ", 7,D002889YL02,88164,"11300,43","99464,43","0,672278698323558 ", 8,D002965YL02,13642,"4448,76","18090,76","0,122275195107275 ", 9,D002977BA01,41672,"13214,35","54886,35","0,370976075907047 ", 10,D002981BR02,264581,"18097,73","282678,73","1,9106216025986 ", 11,D003671MT03,509462,"77432,36","586894,36","3,96681081261148 ", 12,D006122YV02,28516,"5631,43","34147,43","0,23080200420889 ", 13,D007566MJ03,0,"1982,21","1982,21","0,0133977298075698 ", 14,D008632JS02,101681,32656,134337,"0,907981913702132 ", 15,D008763VM01,648707,"1258810,68","1907517,68","12,8928854560326 ","12,8928854560326 " 16,D009441GS02,840203,"1021327,41","1861530,41","12,582058138015 ","12,582058138015 " 17,D018322HE01,101687,"251937,74","353624,74","2,39014469697566 ", 18,M005912LQ02,96711,"153593,84","250304,84","1,69180693057092 ", 19,M005912LQ03,62331,"246298,89","308629,89","2,0860251319285 ", ,Totals,7638690,"7156428,49","14795118,49",100 ,"71,9471961457742 " ,,, "Based on a review of the actual costs incurred, four projects are driving most of the IT portfolio costs..

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