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Power 90X - Classic Routine Workout,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,06/20/2006,06/21/2006,06/22/2006,06/23/2006,06/24/2006,06/25/2006,06/26/2006, Phase I,Main,Week 1,06/20/2006,1,06/21/2006,2,06/22/2006,3,06/23/2006,4,06/24/2006,5,06/25/2006,6,06/26/2006,7 ,Week 2,06/27/2006,8,06/28/2006,9,06/29/2006,10,06/30/2006,11,07/01/2006,12,07/02/2006,13,07/03/2006,14 ,Week 3,07/04/2006,15,07/05/2006,16,07/06/2006,17,07/07/2006,18,07/08/2006,19,07/09/2006,20,07/10/2006,21 ,Recovery,Week 4,07/11/2006,22,07/12/2006,23,07/13/2006,24,07/14/2006,25,07/15/2006,26,07/16/2006,27,07/17/2006,28 Phase II,Main,Week 5,07/18/2006,29,07/19/2006,30,07/20/2006,31,07/21/2006,32,07/22/2006,33,07/23/2006,34,07/24/2006,35 ,Week 6,07/25/2006,36,07/26/2006,37,07/27/2006,38,07/28/2006,39,07/29/2006,40,07/30/2006,41,07/31/2006,42 ,Week 7,08/01/2006,43,08/02/2006,44,08/03/2006,45,08/04/2006,46,08/05/2006,47,08/06/2006,48,08/07/2006,49 ,Recovery,Week 8,08/08/2006,50,08/09/2006,51,08/10/2006,52,08/11/2006,53,08/12/2006,54,08/13/2006,55,08/14/2006,56 Phase III,Main,Week 9,08/15/2006,57,08/16/2006,58,08/17/2006,59,08/18/2006,60,08/19/2006,61,08/20/2006,62,08/21/2006,63 ,Week 10,08/22/2006,64,08/23/2006,65,08/24/2006,66,08/25/2006,67,08/26/2006,68,08/27/2006,69,08/28/2006,70 ,Week 11,08/29/2006,71,08/30/2006,72,08/31/2006,73,09/01/2006,74,09/02/2006,75,09/03/2006,76,09/04/2006,77 ,Recovery,Week 12,09/05/2006,78,09/06/2006,79,09/07/2006,80,09/08/2006,81,09/09/2006,82,09/10/2006,83,09/11/2006,84 ,The Final Stretch,Week 13,09/12/2006,85,09/13/2006,86,09/14/2006,87,09/15/2006,88,09/16/2006,89,09/17/2006,90,09/18/2006,91 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,Day 01:,06/20/2006, Enter Start Date Here ,,,Link: Fit Test,,, ,Day 30:,07/19/2006,,,,,,, ,Day 60:,08/18/2006,,,,,,, ,Day 90:,09/17/2006,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,Purpose: ,"This sheet was designed to supplement or replace the paper worksheets used during the P90X program..

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