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It's a great way to become more familiar with the flags of the world. This template provides you with nice designs that are all based on the flag of Haiti. Using this flag template guarantees your family a great learning experience with lots of fun that stimulates your brain and memory! The flag of Haiti is rich in symbolism and history. Here are some interesting facts about the Haitian flag:

Design Symbolism:
The flag consists of two horizontal bands of blue and red, with a centered white rectangle containing the coat of arms.
Blue represents Haiti's black citizens and red symbolizes the mulatto population. These colors were chosen to reflect the unity of the two groups.

Revolutionary Significance:
Haiti gained independence from French colonial rule through a successful slave revolt in 1804, becoming the first independent black-led nation in the world.
The flag was adopted on May 18, 1803, during the last days of the Haitian Revolution.

Coat of Arms:
The coat of arms in the white rectangle features a palm tree, a liberty cap, and the inscription "L'Union Fait La Force" (Unity Makes Strength).
The palm tree is a symbol of independence, the liberty cap represents freedom, and the motto emphasizes the importance of unity for a strong nation.

Unique Flag Design:
Haiti's flag is distinctive for being one of the few national flags in the world with a non-rectangular shape. The coat of arms in the center breaks away from the traditional rectangular format.

Influence on Other Flags:
As mentioned earlier, Haiti's flag design has influenced the flags of several other countries, including Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Venezuela. These flags share the unique feature of incorporating an image of the flag itself.

Historical Achievement:
The adoption of the Haitian flag and the country's successful struggle for independence serve as powerful symbols of resistance against slavery and colonialism. Understanding the significance and history behind the Haitian flag adds depth to its design and reflects the spirit of freedom and unity that the nation embodies.

This Haiti flag template for a printable flag of Haiti consists of:

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Jigsaw of Haiti flag
Print out different flags of countries of the world onto an A4 page and cut carefully around the large and small angles of a jigsaw template. An example rectangular jigsaw template is the following: http://www.allbusinesstemplates.com/template/6VRTP/

Which flags share similarities with the Haitian flag?
Among the national flags that feature a representation of the flag itself, Haiti's flag is part of a group of seven, including the flags of Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Venezuela.

For professional design use: our printable Haiti flag is easy to modify and suitable for professional (or amateur) designers.

For children: key ways with such Haiti Flag flashcard set is that children learn include playing, being with other people, being active, exploring new worlds, ideas and experiences, talking to themselves, communication with others, meeting physical and mental challenges, being shown how to learn new things, practicing and repeating skills and having fun! 

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