Top 10 Business Letters

A business letter is usually a text message between two companies, or between a company and their customers, clients and other external parties. In general, it depends on the relationship between the parties concerned. 

Often, a business letter tends to be a more formal document on which specific rules apply regarding its layout, tone, and language. Over the past decades, email has taken over the place of standard business letters by mail, and email has become the most common form of correspondence. The content, however, is still the same, and many templates on our website are suitable as e-mail correspondence or hardcopy printed business letters.

Nowadays, hardcopy business letters are still used for many important, serious types of correspondence, such as contracts, resumes, reference letters, employment verification, job offers, and much more.

How to draft the perfect business letter?

The general rule is that in business correspondence, it is most important to write all your letters professionally and to be sure there are no typos or grammatical errors. Each section of your letter should match the appropriate format for a business letter, including contact information for yourself and the person you are writing to, salutation, the body of the letter, closing, and your signature.

Check out this List of business letter and email message examples for a variety of business-related correspondence drafts, and follow our suggestions carefully for writing effective professional business letters. These Business Letter templates are useful for your own benefit:

Sales Proposal letter
template preview imageProposal Letter Example

Proposal Letter Example

How to create a Proposal Letter Example? Download this Proposal Letter Example template now!

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Sales Appointment letter
template preview imageSales Appointment Letter

Sales Appointment Letter

How to write a sales appointment letter? Download this sales appointment letter template now!

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Sales B2B letter
template preview imageB2B Sales Letter

B2B Sales Letter

How to make a B2B sales letter? Download this B2B sales letter template now!

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Business Invitation letter
template preview imageLetter Of Invitation Business

Letter Of Invitation Business

How to create an letter of invitation business? Download this letter of invitation business template now!

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HR Resignation letter
template preview imageFormal Resignation Letter With 2 Weeks Notice

Formal Resignation Letter With 2 Weeks Notice

Are you about to write a formal resignation letter and looking for a letter template? Download this formal resignation letter with 2 weeks notice template now!

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Sales Acknowledging Receipt letter
template preview imageAcknowledging Receipt of letter

Acknowledging Receipt of letter

How to write an Acknowledging receipt letter on behalf of another party? Download this professional Acknowledging Receipt of letter template now!

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HR Termination Employment letter
template preview imageTermination of Employment Notice

Termination of Employment Notice

How to write a Termination of employment letter? Download this Letter terminating a company employee now!

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HR Leave letter to boss
template preview imageLeave Letter To Boss

Leave Letter To Boss

How to create a leave letter to boss? Download this leave letter to boss template now!

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Legal Claim letter defective goods
template preview imageNotice of claim of defective goods

Notice of claim of defective goods

How to write a Notice of claim of defective goods? Download this Notice to manufacturer for defective items made by them now!

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PR Apology to Customer letter
template preview imageApology Letter To Customer

Apology Letter To Customer

How to make an apology letter to customer? Download this apology letter to customer template now!

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