Mileage log templates

How to create a Mileage Log Sheet (that you can also open in Excel or Google sheets)?

We’ve compiled a variety of mileage log templates that are customizable, presentable, and easy to use. Track your mileage with one of these templates, specifically designed for use in Google Sheets. Included on this page, you’ll find useful templates, such as a simple mileage log template, a business mileage log template, and a detailed trip log template.

Human resources, accounting, and payroll departments can track mileage for multiple employees across departments with this mileage log template. The template lists weekly mileage totals for each employee at the bottom of the table for quick and easy reference. Use the table to track trip details, starting and ending locations, and total distances traveled for each trip. To track mileage and calculate reimbursements on a monthly basis, use one of these free monthly mileage log templates.

Contractors and freelancers often work in different locations and require accurate mileage tracking for reimbursements. This mileage log template allows them to log their trips on a weekly basis. The template features generous space in the Notes column for contractors to provide details about each trip. Include a signature and date in the appropriate sections to ensure authorization for reimbursements. To list trip details in a detailed spreadsheet for different periods, use any of these free Google Sheets mileage log templates.

General contractors can use this mileage log template to manage travel expenses and determine the distance covered for various projects. List different rates for business and personal miles, and this template will calculate daily and weekly mileage totals. This template also features columns that document each trip's start and finish locations, purpose of the trip, and total distance traveled.

This mileage log spreadsheet template allows for precise recordkeeping with rows for tracking every trip taken each workday. Column headings are customizable and can be changed to reflect specific trip details or purposes. This template also calculates total mileage for the week and provides a summary of miles traveled on both a weekly and daily basis.

What Is a Mileage Log Template?
A mileage log template is a document that employees, contractors, or freelancers can use to record and submit their travel details. Mileage log templates often calculate total miles automatically based on the distances entered. Human resources and accounting departments use mileage log templates to manage travel reimbursements, while managers use them to track the time needed to complete tasks and projects. A mileage log template is an accurate and reliable tool for employees to track their travel details for timely compensation.

Download Weekly Mileage Log Templates below:
Microsoft Excel | Adobe PDF | Google Sheets

Log the miles you travel for each day of the workweek in a single column with this weekly mileage log template. This template lists mileage totals and calculates reimbursements for both daily and weekly time periods. In addition to calculating regular mileage, this template includes a row to account for business and personal travel. List miles traveled for two-week periods with one of these useful and free bi-weekly mileage log templates.

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